So far, the confirmed 2019 artists are...

Marius Charlemagne and NJ30+, Lennox, GBK Project, Rey Escobar with Cuban 7 piece band, Joshu, Alston BECKET Cyrus, Nicki Pierre, RS Band, Rodney Small, Viking Band, Keido, Leisa Way, Jan & Louis, Infinity, Debbie Reifer, Bequia Blues Band, Elite Steel Orchestra, Silk, L Pank, Hance.

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...seemlessly mixes Soul, Rock, Blues, Alternative, R&B, Funk and Reggae coming together to create a dynamic, groovy, smooth and soulful sound driven by infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Click here to hear Lennox

Lennox Something About You 1.jpg

Nicki Pierre

Ex-singer from K-Netic, Nicki has been on tour with the band Solid in New York, Toronto and Montreal. Now she is finding her own identity and has so far recorded 14 songs including her single ‘Pepper’.

Watch her here

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Marius Charlemagne

Musical Director for NJ30+ and an amazing bass player!


L Pank

…is one of Socas newest upcoming artistes known for his underground dancehall music.

L Pank cropped.jpg

Debbie Reifer

Debbie Reifer is a Barbados Music Awards nominated singer, songwriter and live performer who has performed for the likes of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Martha Stewart. She brings her laid-back vocal style and medium tempo grooves to the Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2019.

Debbie Reifer.png

Bequia Kids on Pan

Pan has come a long way in Bequia since it began with Elvis Seales teaching 2 students Ondine and Ella, and growing in to 32 players of varied ages. Come see the musical stars of the future.



…is Carlson Hannaway, a singer songwriter from St Vincent.

You can listen to him here…. ….and here.

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Rey Escobar

Rey Escobar.jpg

Alston BECKET Cyrus

Legendary soca / ragga-soca / calypso artiste.

His latest album, Mo Rush - 2017, contains remakes of Coming High, his 1977 break-out monster hit, and Legalize De Grass

Beckett 1.png


Back in the Caribbean after completing their 2018 European Tour.

NJ30+ comp.png


Raised in Antigua, West Indies on a potent mixture of Bob Dylan, calypso, and the ocean, Joshu is bringing a new island sound to the world. With notes of Jack Johnson and Jose Gonzalez, his songs resonate with the laid back lyricist in all of us. His Caribbean childhood has inspired a beautiful combination of groove and folk.

Three singles deep this year (find them at and with a growing fan base, Joshu's debut EP is set for release January 2019. Between recording and production he has been travelling the US and Europe.

Having honed his stage presence with three years leading Sound Citizens (touring across the Caribbean & UK and personally producing 3 albums), it's no wonder Joshu has the ability to create a particularly unique feeling of connection at live performances.


The Elite Steel Band

Socialising, Drinks, Dancing and wonderful local music. Always a firm favourite on Thursday night at Frangipani!

Elite Steel Band 1.jpg

Rodney Small

…feels that his mission is to uplift the music of the steel-pan and make it more pronounced in the international arena. “My love for music is part of my spiritual being.” He recently won the Peoples Choice award for the Best Steel Pan Player in SVG.

Rodney Small 1.jpg

Jan & Louis

…have been with the Festival from the very start!


Erphaan Alves

Erphaan Alves 6.jpg

Bequia Blues Band

Bob Berlinghof and his merry men (and a merry lady) are back on stage with some new material.

400A3845-3 straightened.jpg

IMIJ & Co.

From Trinidad and having traveled to countries from Barbados to Jamaica, the US and Canada, and performing with international acts like Enrique Iglesias, Usher, UB40, Maxwell and Lauryn Hill, Imij & Co. promise to leave you breathless and asking for more!

IMIJ 1.jpg

…and here are just some of the wonderful artists who kindly performed here in the last few years.  

Freddie McGregor,  Gregg Jackson,  2 Mile Hill,  Dana Gillespie & the London Blues Band,  Joe Louis Walker,  Murali Coryell,  Toby Armstrong,  Arturo Tappin,  Nicholas Brancker Project,  Signal Band,  Martin Harley,  Denzil Bacchus Band,  Ian Siegel,  Rick Estrin,  Zak Harmon,  Todd Sharpville,  Dino Baptiste,  Julien Brunetaud,  Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges,  NJ30,  Marius Charlemagne,  Edwin Yearwood,  Lenny Bradford,  FYA Empress,  OMG The Band,  Tony Prescott,  Yaphatto,  The Honky Tonics,  Bequia Blues Band,  Xavier Strings,  Leisa Way,  Impac Jazz,  Abuza, Dynamite,  Jimmy Z,  K-netik,  Deanna Bogart, ‘Sweet Soca Man’ Baron, Barracuda, Sean Harkness, Shaun Munday, Toby Armstrong Band,  Deanna, Stefan Roach, Onika Best, Rodney Small, Rob Zii & Phyness, Darron Andrews, Rockstone, Mr. Gwada Benz, King Bubba & the FM Band with Teddyson John, DJ Shatta, Kids on Pan, Lennox, Luta, Dynamite

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