Walk in or drive your dinghy up to the dock.

None of the venues for the festival are any further away than 10 feet from the beach!

frangipani from the sea.jpeg

The Frangipani Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

Email: info@frangipanibequia.com
Tel: +1 784 458 3255
Fax: +1 784 458 3824

As a home it began, and a home it still seems to the many Bequia lovers who return year after year to the Frangipani, the quintessential small hotel on a small island in the Caribbean. Built for his family by a Bequia sea captain almost a century ago, the shingle-sided, two-storey building has gracefully presided ever since over the nautical comings and goings of Admiralty Harbour.

De Reef.png

De Reef Bar & Restaurant - Tel: +1 784-458-3958

Sitting on the shore of Lower Bay, Bequia De Reef is a popular spot to meet and enjoy food and drink while listening to the gentle lapping of the surf. It is a very popular Sunday afternoon spot all the year round.  

It is also a full music venue with permanent staging for that intimate Bequia Music Festival vibe. You can have your feet in the sand while listening to the best bands around.