Five magical days on the little island that rocks.

“Everyone loves Bequia and the Music Fest is all about Bequia. About the people their music, their friendliness and their love. It’s all about inclusivity. Everyone’s welcome, everyone takes part.”  ElwoodKitten Trip Advisor

Back in a day late in the last century, though the exact details are lost in the foggy mists of time, legend has it that Basil Charles (of the world famous Basil’s Bar in Mustique) and one of Bequia's earliest tourism champion Pat Mitchell were enjoying a sundowner together. The conversation turned to Basil’s Mustique Blues Festival which had been set up with the help of British blues legend Dana Gillespie in 1995. “If you’re bringing them all the way from London why don’t they come the extra 10 miles and play a gig on Bequia?” Pat suggested. Basil could see no reason why not.

And so it began. Then Chair of the newly formed Bequia Tourism Association (BTA) and never one to let a good idea cool, Pat quickly enlisted the help of local ‘musos’ Wilfred Dederer, ‘Uncle’ Louis & Jan O’Neill to put on the event and in January 2000 the Mustique Blues Festival came to Plantation Hotel in Bequia. It was so popular that it became apparent that the appetite for a Music Festival on Bequia had not been fully sated.

It grew and grew and by 2004 The Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest had expanded into a four-day event, still including one night of world class Blues from the Mustique Blues Festival, but also with a wide range of international, regional and local artists of all musical genres who loved the laid back vibe of the island coming together to bring a feast of entertainment to the islands residents and visitors alike. Right on with the unique off beat charm that Bequia delivers.

Today the The Bequia Tourism Association, in conjunction with the SVG Tourism Authority continues to be the organising body responsible for putting on what has become one of the hottest and coolest festivals in the region.



Bequia is so small that you will be rubbing shoulders with all who attend the gigs. The venues are small yet roomy enough for you to get a clear and intimate view of the performers.



The people of Bequia will give you a warm welcome; making you feel relaxed and amped up all at once! And when not watching a performance look're in paradise!



Mash up de music! We’re all about bringing a wide variety of music to the island. Celebrating local to international sounds with day and evenings sessions. We love to party together!