Bequia (/ˈbɛkwiː/ or /ˈbɛkweɪ/)

With a name that conjures images of a sharp suited fifties rock band with sweet dance moves, St Vincent & the Grenadines is a nation made up of 32 islands and cays and Bequia is the largest of the gems that are the Grenadines.

Large being a relative term of course. At just 7 sq miles, with about 5,000 residents there are no traffic lights, no neon signs, no chain hotels or restaurants, no golf course and no gated communities. The dress code regularly calls for bare feet. More than ten people constitutes a crowd. Bequia is definitely more boho than bling.

What this sun drenched little island with the distinctive ‘Harry Potter-esque’ zig zag shape does have is an abundance of natural beauty with pristine sandy beaches, lush green hillsides and a magnificent natural harbour filled with turquoise blue water which is a mecca to the Caribbean cruising yacht community.

A centuries-old dependence on inter-island shipping and trading has meant that Bequians have been welcoming visitors to their shores for generations. The island's enduring seafaring heritage is one of its most striking features. Virtually every Bequia family has some connection to the sea either past or present and is proud of it. Bob Dylan liked it so much he had his boat built here.

An intriguing mix of African, Scottish, Irish, French, Indian and Carib descent, many of whom can trace their ancestry directly back to the islands earliest inhabitants of the 18th century, and more recently settlers from Europe, America and Canada have chosen to make Bequia their home.

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