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‘The Rum that invented rum’  Mount Gay is the oldest existing brand of rum in the world. A strong supporter of all things island, Mount Gay has been involved with The Bequia Music Fest since the early days of 2006 and became title sponsor in 2009. The perfect partner for music in the Caribbean, Mount Gay is the product of 310 years of knowledge, experience and refinement - we try to follow their lead in providing the same for the music fans here in Bequia. Title Platinum Sponsor


Hairoun lager brewed and sold since 1985 is the largest selling beer brand in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. As a matter of fact four out of every five beers sold in St. Vincent & the Grenadines is Hairoun! 

Hairoun means "Land of the Blessed" and was the name given to St. Vincent by the Carib inhabitants, making the brand truly indigenous.

We know you'll love it...


Truly Wild Sea Salt

A quintessential tasty wave of an idea was born. It was natural, and locally harvested.
And the wildest thing occurred. It tasted like none before. It certified lab tested like no other. Want to sprinkle this love and magic around? So do we.


‘Frangi’ (as its locally known) is a Bequia institution. Built for his family by a Bequia sea captain almost a century ago, the shingle-sided, two-storey building has gracefully presided ever since over the nautical comings and goings of Admiralty Harbour, in boat building and now in hospitality. We love to chill at the open-sided dining room, sip a ‘Frangi Fever’ at the beach bar, and admire the view from the sundeck upstairs where you can still enjoy one of the original family rooms.


Bijou and undeniably beautiful. Set in eighteen acres of mango, guava and coconut trees, Bequia Plantation Hotel achieves that rare combination of intimacy and spaciousness. An environmentally sensitive boutique island property, the hotel’s spacious palm fringed beachside lawn provides a gorgeous venue for our Music Fest.


Sitting on the shore of Lower Bay, De Reef is a popular spot to meet and enjoy food and drink while listening to the gentle lapping of the surf. It is a very popular Sunday afternoon spot all the year round.